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Customer Feedback

Name Comments Date
trumanshow I got my it, my second order. I'm very satisfied, amazed actually. I was pretty skeptical at first, but I couldn't resist trying it out. It works perfectly. Thanks man!!!!!! 23.04.2013
mikey Received thank you! I sent you a pm 28.04.2013
freebird Holly shit! I got it! 03.05.2013
tgm9113 Got it, cheers 04.05.2013
7lifes I really thought I was gonna get bumped but surprising I got home an envelop was there waiting for me! lol Cheers dude 06.05.2013
ganjamama Let the shopping begin, whoop whoop :D 09.06.2013
r4dw0lf Guys I just sent you an email please have a look and thank you all good!! 11.06.2013
alexitico Amazing thx 11.06.2013
soloucos Caraaaaa valeu mano!!! Chegou a tempo!! Obrigado vou voltar concerteza! 13.06.2013
konakria Fuck I was not expecting!! No offence or anything but deep web market you can't really tell who's a seller and who's a scammer so I gambled. Got it right, thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much 25.06.2013
sylar 10 received and 10 more to be ordered. You are the man (or women) lol 07.07.2013
fnu Awesomeness cheers 23.08.2013
jfx001 Received. Thx 29.08.2013
maveRick Thanks man 14.09.2013
n00binItUp Received thank you 27.09.2013
ghostface Perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect 16.10.2013
fufu38 Love you dude!!!! Gracias!!! 11.11.2013
mikey Here I am again lol Thanks mate once again you saved me lol xmas shopping done haha 25.11.2013
goldstouch No issues thank you 17.12.2013
morechedder Just the man thank you 03.06.2014
solarslave15 Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 11.07.2014
bp26 I was at work when my wife told me I had a package at home... IT WAS MY CARD!! Cheers my friend!! 22.07.2014
wsjuk Great communication and received. Thank you so much 06.08.2014
skycat Received the wrong card but I don't mind plus they did a little discount for the mistake ;-) thanks 20.09.2014
dgrlgn Perfect, thanks 22.09.2014
rted0964 Great doing business with you sir! 12.10.2014
phoenix Cheers 25.11.2014
blindguy89 Fuck that!!! We are so in business right now! Thank you SCB 16.01.2015
hellothar Got it thanks 18.01.2015
wtf54 Nice one mate thank you 23.02.2015
manytr Thank you 14.03.2015
joke45 The man and only! Thank you so much 27.03.2015
boomre Cheers dude 17.04.2015
zomar Perfect packaging! Thank you 13.05.2015
dasilvar9 Second order and got it, thanks 26.05.2015
creamypie What a star, thank you 11.06.2015
soeumesmo Mais uma vez obrigado cara, valeu 24.07.2015
hubber Thank you mate. Can you send me your bulk buy list please, I sent you a pm 28.07.2015
hrtey6 You should start selling BMW's haha, I will be your customer! lol thanks 02.08.2015
007utube Thank you, received 05.08.2015
gta635 Amazeballs!! Cheers! 10.08.2015
yhatman YOU-ARE-AWESOME-SIR the words I have for you!! I could not be any happier!! 12.08.2015
yomama Very good service. Thank you sir 02.09.2015
noname Bought again and always all good thx 25.11.2015
mrboga83 Received thank you. 06.01.2016
bigc0ck Toke a while but got it. Peace! 20.01.2016
poots Fucking amazing! Thx buds 16.02.2016
rockyy You guys are amazing! 16.02.2016
zomar Thank you as always great service. 17.02.2016
ubenty Received today thank you 17.02.2016
wtf54 Second order received cheers 17.02.2016
bortina Thank you received 18.02.2016
cibolen4 OMG it arrived! Tank you so much!!! 18.02.2016
golam Thank you!!! 23.02.2016
cararga Fock off! :D 25.02.2016
onionnn Amazing tank you 25.02.2016
cenourinha Got it thanksss 27.02.2016
007upper Fuckkkkkk shopping time!!! :DDD 01.03.2016
sammmin Cheers folks! 02.03.2016
jasssiu Amazefuckingballs! 02.03.2016
cashbaby Got my first card today. Let's see how it goes! 03.03.2016
bumbbumber Thank you 04.03.2016
omarguts Awesome thank you buddies! 04.03.2016
justdoit Received today cheers 05.03.2016
ccsnatch Дякую 06.03.2016
popuyte I could not believe when my post arrived and I see the card there. It works perfectly, thank you!! 07.03.2016
geeez Didn't received my PIN but they sent it right after an email sent. Thx 08.03.2016
meetballs Absolutely amazing, got it and will come back for sure! 08.03.2016
hrtey6 My second order received well worth $5000+ Cards ☝☝☝ 08.03.2016
earthjoy Estou muito contente! Obrigado cara! 08.03.2016
myocash Thank you maties 09.03.2016
umargore Thank you so much got it today 09.03.2016
putamae Received one card but after contacting them they are sending the second. 10.03.2016
oleole First order recieved thanks 11.03.2016
deviltor Card didn't work. Another card sent, recieved and working. Thank you a million! 11.03.2016
poopme I thought I was getting ripped off as I did before.. Got really surprised a few days later when I recieved my order. Thanks 11.03.2016
maddog Right I was quite pissed that the Infusion X5 wouldn't work. After a few emails exchange and their support I got it to work. I must say this thing is quite impressive and well worth it for the price. Thanks guys I'll be back to get some blank cards. Peace! 11.03.2016
zomajj Great clones thanks 13.03.2016
bombabum Dude your amzin! 13.03.2016
upper12 Received and working. Thank you 13.03.2016
purevodka I didn't receive my card first time but they sent another and received. Cheers 14.03.2016
21jumptreet When I saw that atm pushing out the cash I could not believe it!!!!!!! Trully amazing, thank you 14.03.2016
gostozao Eu nao acreditei quando vi! Obrigado cara!!! 15.03.2016
myballzz Fuck me backwards! Finally after being scammed so many fucking times on this bullshit "deepweb". I really risked it here but I can say that I could not be more satisfied. Cheers 15.03.2016
tumadremadricon You cannot believe how much this means to me honestly. I was buried deep with bills to pay, I know this is not something a religious person would do and I'm sorry to whom I've taken the money from. Somehow somewhere God will help you. Thank you Buddies 16.03.2016
army1700 Я очень счастлив. большое спасибо 16.03.2016
fogodet Stunning service 18.03.2016
humalos Thank you 19.03.2016
ohmans Awesome as always! 19.03.2016
tequiro Received thanks 24.03.2016
weedut I could not belive my eyes!! Cheers! 27.03.2016
yodel Gracias 28.03.2016
kimora Got it today thx 29.03.2016
arthur5 Awesome man! 29.03.2016
portohuim Not sure why you sent me two but hey thanks! :D 31.03.2016
acidburns It worked really well! Thanks 01.04.2016
xenons I actually thought I was gonna get scammed. You guys surprised me thank u 01.04.2016
bombuina Got it 02.04.2016
meuamigo Obrigado recebi. 03.04.2016
datass Right what can I say... I'm off to car shopping :D you guys are amazing again thank you! 04.04.2016
intelina It got lost on the way aparently but they sent another one out on the next day. Thanks 04.04.2016
ohlala My frend yu are ameizing thanx 05.04.2016
screenmonitoe Cheers bud 05.04.2016
delloker Received thanks 06.04.2016
codeisgood Thank you 07.04.2016
computa76 Shopping time :) thank you 10.04.2016
coreture Tried it and it works. Got myself a shiny new iphone haaaa! 10.04.2016
penciling Nicely printed and it works perfectly. Thanks 11.04.2016
frentyu 100% working thank you 13.04.2016
mamadoo CCbuddies absolutely amazing work! 13.04.2016
index33 Received cheers 14.04.2016
giorgio Gracias 15.04.2016
lolipop2 Best costumer service and product 16.04.2016
remotuy I could not believe this was true. Thanksssss 17.04.2016
motocross Properly packed and working. 19.04.2016
octopus After requesting to post a feedback after SOOOO many times, here you go ya bastards! LOL joking i only got a small card but is working spotless CHEEEERS! 20.04.2016
ilovethis Quite slow dispatch but got it in the end 21.04.2016
buuuulor Cheers folks! 21.04.2016
rentop Stunning customer service. Thank you 22.04.2016
mimmethat I'll be honest, so many fucking scammers on deepfuckingweb I went easy by ordering a small order just in case I'd get bumped again.. I really got surprised when I got it on post. Kudos to u folks I'm definitely coming back. 23.04.2016
youknow I got referred by a mate and as they're described that's how they are, Great customer service, very helpful and order received spot on. Cheers 23.04.2016
khali مذهلة وشكرا لكم 24.04.2016
bottombitch Fucking AMAZING! You're the shit! Thx 25.04.2016
lindaflor Client voltando obrigado cara 26.04.2016
dragqueen Like many of these comments I was also very surprised to see an envelop in my post box in fact I completely forgot about it and when I opened it I got goosebumps! And the card works! Honestly you guys are amazing thank you. Definitely coming back, respect. ♥ 26.04.2016
salazar Muy feliz gracias 27.04.2016
butwhat Received thanks 28.04.2016
kali You just changed my life thank you so much 29.04.2016
whiteshit Toke them a while to reply but they got back to me and offered an extra card as an apologie happy days :) thanks 29.04.2016
suckme Third order received thanks 30.04.2016
vroomvroom Just paid off my ride, love you guys! 30.04.2016
swardtoi Fantastic customer service as always nice one 01.05.2016
marsbitch One of the cards did not work, completely dead. Contacted cc buddies and they sent me a new one. Received today cheers 02.05.2016
linuxrule I could not be any happier thanks 09.05.2016
f9f9f9 Life saver thank you 10.05.2016
perdiz I would never steal from anyone unless I'm desperate just hope god will forgive me. In another note thank you for your service 10.05.2016
ohmans Second order received AMAZEBALLS 11.05.2016
devilhaveeyes Man these guys get a bit cranky if we don't leave a feed back geeeeeeeeeeeeez LOL right yes I did receive my order THANX 12.05.2016
1987 Perfect thank you 13.05.2016
pissofff Thank you 14.05.2016
someone Received thanks. PS: I've sent you an email about partnership 15.05.2016
petey Good as always 16.05.2016
ninka56 Nice one 17.05.2016
omarman Stunning. Coming back again for sure 18.05.2016
---nuke--- Thanks 19.05.2016
garotogay Muito bom cara obrigado 19.05.2016
sentirme I was trully shocked excellent service 20.05.2016
765524 Booooooom bitches! lol fanx 21.05.2016
fuckfbi Just awesome thanks 22.05.2016
geekyman Recived thanks 23.05.2016
smashkeyboard It works thanks 25.05.2016
monkeysmoke Order no 2 received thanks 26.05.2016
happybunny ধন্যবাদ 27.05.2016
putamadre Sorprendido por recibir este.. y funciona! gracias! 29.05.2016
twoballs My face just went flat when I got this this morning shopping time babyyyy :D thanks fellas 29.05.2016
tumble Received no issues 30.05.2016
f198 Good as gold nice one 02.06.2016
friendwithbenefits I'm amazed with the service! 03.06.2016
youandme As always very impressed. Thank you 06.06.2016
punjabhistory Very good service 07.06.2016
999help Recieved and it works thank you 07.06.2016
amanhazina Cheers 08.06.2016
bombaclatman Very discrete packaging got it with no issues 10.06.2016
lolipopman Second order received :) 11.06.2016
longride Yes man fanx! 11.06.2016
tomalacorno Just spectacular! Very friendly, straight forward and card works well cheers 12.06.2016
grabthebull Got it yesterday thank you 12.06.2016
thegreaone Thank you very much 13.06.2016
tyreput OMG it works!!! Thank youuuuuuuu 13.06.2016
baconinthebun Got my infusion x5 - it works like a charm you guys are amazing thank you 14.06.2016
iluvme Amazing customer service cheers 14.06.2016
orangerip The card didn't work but they sent a replacement and received today. Quick dispatch nice one 15.06.2016
breadandbutter Received my first order today and it works perfectly thanks 15.06.2016
peanutalergen Received my card reader and it works awesome! 16.06.2016
peterguy I'll be honest I thought I was gonna get ripped off like before in some cu**s scammers but I was actually surprised when I got my post this morning and the card was there, definitely coming back thank u!! 16.06.2016
monstertruck You guys are fockin amazin!!! Nice one!! 16.06.2016
imaturetur Got my infusion x5 cheers 17.06.2016
poofume Stunning service thanks! 17.06.2016
torrentrules Rceived my order today cheers 18.06.2016
lola123 Very good service 18.06.2016
rumiyah Omg I cannot believe the card reader works!!! Amazing service thanks! 18.06.2016
papadom3 For some reason the card reader didn't work but I reported to them and they sent out a new one thanks 19.06.2016
hustel7 I could not be more happy with these guys you literally SAVED my life. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much! 20.06.2016
bozki Is good servci tank you 20.06.2016
dobryiman Velmi velmi spokojeni se sluzbami 20.06.2016
manalone Thank you guys! 21.06.2016
myfirstmachine This is amazing! The X5 worked and the instructions are very straight forward. Thank you so much! 21.06.2016
oscar Finally it arrived! Nice one fellas :D 22.06.2016
franksinatra Very very helpful. One thing I've noticed about these guys is, they don't really care much about money. The reason I'm saying this is because I've asked them for something and they recommended something else in lower amount because of what I needed. Definitely coming back. Thnx 23.06.2016
moscamorta As always amazing customer service, received 2day thx 23.06.2016
imortal67 No words to dexcribe these guys!! I've asked them to customise the Infusion X5 and they did it!!! :DDDDDD LOVE YOU! (NO gay shit here) LOL 24.06.2016
applesucks Very surprised got my mail this morning and the card was there, it works perfectly fine cheers. 24.06.2016
guimama Buddies you are awesome. Oh and by the way I liked the note haha 24.06.2016
piggybank You guys are just freaking awesome! 25.06.2016
mamacama I was pretty close to post a negative review until these guys replied after a few days. There was a misunderstanding but all sorted thanks. 25.06.2016
oooooo45 I loved the software! And the X5! You guys are just awesome. PS: I've sent you a message with just some support questions :) 26.06.2016
bobamitu I received mine today thanks 27.06.2016
ohhhhyes It's shopping time baby!!! :D 27.06.2016
putamadre Ordered my card and now got my X5. So far very impressed with the service. 27.06.2016
hubbleman Stunning service nice! 28.06.2016
imorete Software pretty straight forward and so is the machine gracias 28.06.2016
eltorito Got my card thanks 29.06.2016
timothymo I must say amazing customer service, not only provided with service but also pointed me to the right direction. Much appreciated 30.06.2016
fuckyeahhhhhh Fuck yes!!! Thank you!! The machine works smooth!!!!! Loving it thanks! 01.07.2016
komercu I can't be happier thanks 01.07.2016
imortalass Purchased the X5 and it works pretty good. By the way for the price I paid you guys could really chuck some extra blank cards on the deal hey?! lol 02.07.2016
ron56 Fantastic very straight forward to use 03.07.2016
minecrisp Got my card this morning cheers 04.07.2016
bollocks8 These guys are sick! Love you! thank you 04.07.2016
reddress Very friendly I must say and quick dispatch thanks 05.07.2016
brazilianrose I had an issue installing the Infusion X5 on my pc but these guys jumpped in and helped me out. Works like a charm now :) thank you 05.07.2016
ipoker Holly shit it works lol it actually catches my card info. A++++++++++ to the X5! 05.07.2016
omigor Thank you very much! 12.07.2016
iutmhg Got a replacement for the X5 thank you 15.07.2016
portahm Love it!! 14.07.2016
lalala This thing actually works I cannot belive :D 18.07.2016
youtumer I'll be honest if it wasn't the demo video u guys did I would never buy it. Nice one 23.07.2016
lukamute I fucking love this machineeeeeeeeeeee 25.07.2016
50cent Card withdraw, it works thanks 26.07.2016
humut This thing is powerful as fuck! I'm studying to become an electronic engineer and my curiosity overcome me so I had to open that thing lol. I must say you guys are fucking hardcore, getting a processor and all of them components on that little thing that was a challenge. I'm taking my hat on you guys for that one. PS: If anyone reading this need a custom electonic board u can contact me on ***email removed for security*** 28.07.2016
piyiu Got it thanks :) 29.07.2016
lumporty Appreciate for your help 29.07.2016
kilotime Thak you so much 31.07.2016
justinhui You guys are life saver! 31.07.2016
lucymum This damn thing actually works! Thank you! 01.08.2016
guyinbeach Fucking scammers! I didn't get anything! 03.08.2016
guyinbeach Shit I apologise for posting that, I should've contacted you guys first. It was delayed *embarrased*. How can I remove my previous review? I've sent you an email. 03.08.2016
beautyflower Got an X5 it didn't work for some reason they replaced it. Happy now :) 04.08.2016
iopilitar Voces sao massa mesmo! Obrigadoooooooooo 04.08.2016
paulhumby Very impressed thank you fellas 06.08.2016
whitehead You can't be wrong with the reviews, very helpful and sent pretty quick. Nice 07.08.2016
89cents I was started to get worried after paying 600 dollars for a card copy machine but it arrived eventually. It works smoothly thank you guys! 07.08.2016
babylow Astonishing! Thank you 14.08.2016
lorperto Amazing service 15.08.2016
ilorport It fucking worksssssssssssssss!!! :D Nice one! 19.08.2016
oprahouse Bought the X5 after announcing the X6 will be coming soon. Pretty disappointed but they offered me a huge discount which is not bad. 22.08.2016
badfuckingass I could not be any happier thanks fellas 25.08.2016
rothernam I fucking love you!!! PIN and card actually works! 27.08.2016
lornayh Briliant 28.08.2016
jorgetul Well packed and received thx 31.08.2016
portyhu First delivery didn't arrive but they sent a replacement cheers 02.09.2016
duiole I bought the infusion x5 and it works like a charm A+++ 05.09.2016
gyuiop Ordered two cards but only got one. Reported to ccbuddies and they sent the second one literally 2 days later. Thanks guys! 08.09.2016
petergriffin I CAN'T FOCKIN BELIEVE IT ARRIVED TODAY! I order the X5 yesterday!!! Fucking awesome! I will definitely be coming back! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU 10.09.2016
lukerpop Love you! 14.09.2016
ikolike Just amazing cheers fellas 15.09.2016
hippo87 You guys are just fucking amazing. Order received and it works thx 17.09.2016
knowledgetor Device works like a charme spot on! 19.09.2016
frogface Three words... I FUCKING-LOVE-YOU hell yeahhhh! Fucking stunning!! 20.09.2016
ortuhn Fantastico! Adorei! 21.09.2016
yoipolrty Dakujemmmmmmmmmmmmm 21.09.2016
yoipolrty Dakujemmmmmmmmmmmmm 21.09.2016
polito He comprado el Infusion X5 y funciona. Gracias 22.09.2016
buymebaby No offence but to test these guys I bought a digital card before buying the X5. I got it a few hours later - all good 23.09.2016
cornerman Awesome thanks 24.09.2016
buymebaby Got the tracking for the X5 :D 24.09.2016
omardij Thank you very much 26.09.2016
plotyre These dudes are freaking awesome!!! 27.09.2016
limoture Thank youuuuuuuuu 30.09.2016
miumiu You sir are the best. Amazing service 03.10.2016
kimpodo I could not be any happier, superb! 06.10.2016
mimoloti Briosaaaaa grazie! 07.10.2016
hypnotis Didn't get my order but they dispatched another great service 08.10.2016
imortalino Lovelyyyyyy 10.10.2016
oportunity Spot fucking on!!!! 11.10.2016
morlate Got it today thanks 11.10.2016
pimlico Quick service. Thanks 12.10.2016
hipopo X5 works like a charm!! Fucking love this thing :D 13.10.2016
typomentor Bought the X5 after I found out the X6 will be out soon :( neverhteless all good it works nicely. Cheers fellas 13.10.2016
longerlast Awesome service 14.10.2016
komotar Thank you! 17.10.2016
100029 Thank you again. You guys are fucking amazing 19.10.2016
imangort Stunninggggggggg xxx 21.10.2016
hellomister First time ordering and im happy cheers 22.10.2016
livelife Fuckkkkkk banks!! :D 25.10.2016
lion-head Second order received spot on 27.10.2016
oiylert Ich liebe sie! 28.10.2016
somesmoeu Esses caras sao baos de mais! Obrigado!! 28.10.2016
timetogrow X5 works perfectly quite straight forward 28.10.2016
oputio Gracias 14.11.2016
kilomer Fucking amazinggggggggggg 22.11.2016
youtrg Spectacular help. Not only it works but these guys are really helpful too 28.11.2016
muimui Muito bom cara!!!! vou voltar com certeza 13.12.2016
popadom3 Itssss christmas baby :D 20.11.2016
limoter Happy new year fellas. And thank you got it today 04.01.2017
babypooo You guys are fuckinggggggggggggggg amazingggggggg 06.01.2017
opituio I honestly thought I was gonna get bummed lol I will definitely come back 06.01.2017
moleque Voces sao uns filhos da mae!!!! Valeu brother!!! Muito obrigado 08.01.2017
7899987 Dankie!!! 09.01.2017
noname Thank you fellas A+++++ 12.01.2017
opportunist Great service as always. 5 star 15.01.2017
kiltomer I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!! :D 16.01.2017
itomire Best fucking service EVER! 19.01.2017
popadom I'm not gonna lie I was a bit nervous to get them balance transfers as I was scammed many fucking times but they surprised me. I'm definitely coming back but for one last time ;) 20.01.2017
gatoinyourpants Received thanks 21.01.2017
lolipop I honestly could not believe when I they sent me the MG reference. All good withdraw the cash smootly - Bloody awesome! 21.01.2017
tysonboy I dont usually post no damn feedback but these fuckers are good! Fuck me honestly, I've used marketplaces but lemme tell u they sell shit. Now in my opinion is worth to pay a little extra and her the money transferred to ur account. Top bros here thx 22.01.2017
yuiomer Transferred really quick. Thanks 02.02.2017
catman Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu A++++++++ 10.02.2017
omar981 I will be definitely come back stunning work fellas 10.02.2017
totomodo Ready to buy X6 wen u gonna release it bro? plz check ur mail 12.02.2017
goldencolar F*** THEM CURROPTED BASTARDS NO MORE WORKING!! :D 13.02.2017
popota Honestly you guys saved my and my family's life. I can't thank you enough. Thank you :( 15.02.2017
victorboy Muito bom cara obrigado 18.02.2017
killa Second order received thx 23.02.2017
bully23 FUCK YEAH!!!!! NICE ONE 02.03.2017
mothafuker Got it 06.03.2017
opportinityjustice I am against stealing but I see the point of these guys, people got insurance so you basically stealing from the biggest thieves which are the banks, fuck 'em! PS: Received thanks 14.03.2017
fatbugger Thx 19.03.2017
hourglass45 Works perfectly. I had a little trouble with x6 but got it fixed. 22.03.2017
misspiggy I'm not gonna lie here I was shitting myself lol but when I got to the door and I saw the courier holding my x6 box I had the biggest smile on my face :D. Straight forward to setup. Happyyyyyy 28.03.2017
bogaluke Got my card thanl you 03.04.2017
actofvalour Thanks fellas 08.04.2017
emergencybtn Got my order this morning nice one 12.04.2017
billards Perfect support, perfect service. Nothing else to say thank you. 15.04.2017
bоин Спасибо 16.04.2017
coño-de-tu-madre Muchas graciaaaaasssssss 22.04.2017
jonas56 Fucking gorgeous, I love you lot. Definitely coming back 23.04.2017
666diablo I had shit loads of questions and got all answered, not like some fucktards u find on dark web. 25.04.2017
pennypen Gotit today peace! 26.04.2017
junioryo Defo coming back 28.04.2017
dually Great work 02.05.2017
titopost Communication 3/5 - Product 5/5 (You guys gotta start replying faster...) 05.05.2017
007james I loved the packaging :D nce one 06.05.2017
komodod Received thanks 11.05.2017
luckystrike You guys are the best. much appreciated 14.05.2017
bullyboy5 Literaly saved my life! thanks :( 17.05.2017
garrotopega Valeu mesmo cara obrigado! 18.05.2017
paragona Received thanks 29.12.2017
bertish45 Totally worth it! fck yeahhhh!!! 29.12.2017
santaishere Merry fucking christmas! :D 30.12.2017
sumsum Thanks guys 05.01.2018
unknown I could not fucking believe! You sir are the best. 22.01.2018
bertish45 Ordered some extra blanks and received no probs. 10.02.2018
666diablo My second order received today. Very fucking happy. 27.02.2018
passoapasso I've been waiting for quite sometime and it finally arrived. All good thanks 05.03.2018
jonas56 Got my sencod order thanks 12.04.2018
sowrtin Thanks 26.04.2018
justanother56 You can't really go wrong with these guys. Great support and very professional. Thx 14.05.2018
pooplinin Had an issue at first with it but turns out it was my pc. I would say less than 2 hours after my complaint someone got in touch and the issue is now solved. Nice one 07.06.2018
chocolatebrownie FUCK YEAHHH!! :D 22.06.2018
losermain Received no issues 11.07.2018
bbbbbbbb Very professional and got every order with no issues. 02.08.2018
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