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Frequently Asked Questions - General

All general FAQs about The CC Buddies

Who are we?

We are a group of individuals. Each one of us expertise in certain fields, this includes programming, designing, electronic engineers, journalist and more. We don't work alone, we also have contacts across the globe who we work with to bring you the best of our service. So, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we're more than happy to help you.

What are Plastic Credit & Debit cards?

Plastic Credit & Debit cards are clone from real cards transferred to blank (or embossed/printed with any name) chipped cards. These are best to use in retail shops or ATM machines. You will be provided with a PIN number which will be programmed before dispatching to you.

What is the Buddies Balance Transfer?

Well, most intermediate carders know what balance transfers are but for you newbies I will explain. Due to more and more advanced security, most new carders find it difficult cashing out cards, PayPal accounts etc; this is why there are services called balance transfers.

How it works?
Pretty simple, contact us with the service you require, the amount you need to be transferred to your account, we will charge you a percentage (before the balance is transferred to you), we will give you a timeline, days later you receive your balance.

You're wondering why we don't do it ourselves, right?
Simple, we don't have the resources to keep opening new/fake accounts.

Why are you guys so expensive?

Well we wouldn't consider expensive, we would call it premium service. Unlike other vendors we work on "Money Back Guaranteed" basis, this means our products have to be 100% working (or we will be losing money!). This is why we are a little more expensive than other vendors. Like the ol' sayin' you pay peanuts you get monkeys!

If I want to withdraw from an ATM machine, how much am I allowed?

Well, you may withdraw as much as the card provides, however you may only withdraw up to $300 a day as per the bank's policy. You card may be blocked as like all other transactions you may do, but we would recommend you to carry out ONE withdraw at 23:55 and another at 00:05. This way you just collected $600 in one go. If the card is not blocked by the following day you may do same thing again until the credit runs out.

How long do I have to use until the CC gets blocked?

As per many years experience in the field, we'd recommend to use the CC within 3 days of the first use.

I don't trust you, can you send me a sample?

Don't be so stupid! If we do that with EVERY customer we ship worldwide, the risk we're taking would not be worth the effort. Remember, we're runing a business not a charity. If you can't trust us simply DON'T order from us.

Why don't you use the cards yourself?

We make much more money working from 'home' peacefully rather than go out and risk to get caught. I'm not gonna lie, you CAN get caught if you're greedy. See below for some tips to reduce the risk of getting caught.

Can I have my details printed and embossed on the CC?

Yes, we use a couple of processes to get it done. If you supply us with your name we will print and emboss your name on the card.
PLEASE NOTE: This service is FREE of charge on purchases of ฿0.36 and over. For lower ammounts the charge is ฿0.06 to have the CC printed and embossed.

How can I reduce the risk of getting caught?

You can use these tips. It will certainly reduce the risk of getting caught or risk of being identified.
Use in retail shops:
1- Avoid using big stores. Big stores may be loaded with CCTV.
2- Plan your route. Plan your route to the store and make sure the route you take is not covered with CCTV. Better even is to plan your route at least 5 days before you visit the store.
3- Dress casual. A pair of jeans, a jacket and a fashionable baseball cap will do just fine.
4- Make yourself bigger than you are. Last case scenario and IF there is an investigation (which I doubt very much) making your physical appearance different will make the investigation near impossible to identify you. Wear a few sweaters to make you fat, and a few jeans. Or if you're slim, why not dress as a woman for change?
5- No jewellery or tattoos. If you have any visible tattoos or wear any jewellery, cover it and remove the jewellery. If you don't have any anyway, get covered with them. :)
6- Throw away EVERYTHING you wore on the day. That's right, make sure you're wearing something inexpensive so you can throw away or even burn everything you were wearing on the day.
7- Covering your fingerprints (optional). If you want to go and extra mile to hide your identity, grab some transparent tap and stick on your fingertips, make sure your fingerprints of every finger is covered. Don't wear gloves! Is too obvious! Unless if extremely cold where you live.

Use in ATM machines:
1- Plan your route. Plan your route to the ATM machine and make sure the route you take is not covered with CCTV. Take a mask with you, when you're approaching the ATM put the mask on. Some ATM machines may have cameras inside.
2- Wear winter gloves. If its summer, cut the fingers of a latex gloves and wear them. All you need is the fingerprints to be covered.

Do all Plastic Credit & Debit cards have Chip & PIN and are they Contactless?

Yes, all Plastic Credit & Debit cards have Chip & PIN and they are Contactless. The PIN is programmed on the chip and the card is built in with an RFID chip just like the contactless bank cards.

Can you ship anywhere in the world?

Yes we can, via fast couriers (DHL or FedEx) usally takes 2-3 days & normal post 10-20 days, but if you still in doubt feel free to contact us.

Can the package get caught during transit?

Absolutely not. We have our very own method to pack our cards, in a way which customs would never dream of it. Unfortunately we can not disclose this information for two reasons, the authorities could be reading this and for our competitors not to steal our idea. Ha!

Has anyone you dispatch the CC been caught?

Not that we know of... So far all our cards have reached to its destination and same customers keep on coming back for more so I'm assuming not.

How do you get these cards?

This is confidential information. But one of the ways is using a contactless card reader built by us.

How do you know which bitcoins belongs to which order?

When you order online, before you complete the payment you will enter your details, and after completing the payment you will receive a unique order reference code, we merge these two to ensure that the payment received belongs to that particular order reference so we know who to send the order to.

Can I use all the credit on the card?

Simply if you don't you're dumb! And yes you may use all the credit.

Can I use the cards to purchase online?

Our cards are tested against the online security test by the bank provider. Cards which fail the test and require further security from the bank are discarded, we do not use them, we do not sell them. So when you buy from us, you buy with confidence, all cards are tested and ready to go!

Where can I get Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are very straight forward. You will need a wallet, either on your phone, online or even on your tablet. On your phone just search under "Bitcoin wallet" and you will see various apps to download free of charge. When you download the app you will be given a unique wallet address. Now to get bitcoins you can buy them pretty much anywhere online, we suggest Coinbase.com, Bitbargain.com or LocalBitcoins.com. Once registered, you begin the purchase of your bitcoins. Initiate a transaction with the seller by follwing the steps on the website, the seller will ask you for your wallet address which is the one from your phone's bitcoin app, seller will transfer the bitcoins to you and once you receive them you release the payment to the seller. Now you have your bitcoins in your phone.

Remember: The bitcoins is on your phone and your phone only, if you lose your phone you will lose your bitcoins!

How do you know how much credit is on the CC?

We test all our CC on pre-purchases therefore we know how much the CC can go up to.

What information do you need in order to dispatch?

We need A name and AN address. If its yours, your neighbours, your enemy's or your dog's address... We obviously don't care, ha!

How can I trust you?

Simply, you don't. This is a hidden service and we do understand people are affraid of being scammed. This is not what we do because we rather have a long term relationship and have you to come back to us again and making more money that way than having one-off money making. If you still not convinced, see our Feedback page of genuine purchases from our customers.

Your online ordering system is not working, what do I do?

If you're using TOR Browser, this usually can be because the javascript on your browser might be disabled. Enable your javascript and restart your browser. If you still can't access our online ordering system, drop us an email and we will process the order on our system and send you your order reference code.

Frequently Asked Questions - Devices

Can your machines really clone up to 15 bank cards per second?

Yes, our readers have been modified/rebuilt with custom made processors, these processors runs on 1.66Ghz. Also, unlike other machines in general which needs to be connected to an actual database in order to store data, our readers stores the data onto .dat files, saving time when the reader reads the card and stores it instantly in a blink of an eye.
Lets compare it, see below:

-If the machine stores data on a database
Reader reads card > reader contacts database > if database connection successful > data is stored

-If the machine stores data on .dat file
Reader reads card > card stored

If your machine stops working what happens next?

All our machines are built by senior electronic engineers so the chances of the machine stop working are very minimal, however it is a machine and it CAN break. All machines come with a warranty certificate, if your machine is still under warranty we will replace it, no questions asked. However we will need the broken machine back, upon making a claim we will arrange a courier to collect the old machine from you, in some countries couriers may not provide collection services, if this is the case we will didcuss with you the postage costs from your local postal service and we will send you enough money to post the device back to us.

There are many fakes selling your machines, how do I know who's genuine?

There are people faking our products and scamming people and unfortunately we cannot stop them. However to check if the site to purchase from is legit, Contact us - that is the only official contact for The CC Buddies and we will let you know if the site is legit or not.

When I plug the cable onto the device nothing happens, what do I do?

This is because the cable might be damaged, plug a different cable and try again. If the LED still not blinking the device might be damaged. If you haven't had the device for more than 4 years and think it might be the battery, this is not the case, all our devices has a battery life up to 5 years. If this didn't resolve the issue and your device still under warranty, contact us for a replacement.

When I connect the device onto the PC nothing happens, what do I do?

First things first, install the device with the software downloaded from our website. Download the software and now plug the device onto your PC, your PC will look for the drivers on your computer, if you have our software on your computer the software includes the drivers, your computer will find the driver and install the device. Your device is now working. If you still have issues installing the device contact us and we will help you. We will send you a link to our support chat and one of our support team will guide you through.

The blue LED is not blinking anymore, what do I do?

This means the battery is damaged. Contact us and we will send a replacement. Replacing the battery is straight forward, just slide the back cover off and replace it with the new one. Please note, do not use just any battery, using a different battery other than provided by us may damage the device, if this is the case the warranty will be void.