Welcome to the official site of The CC Buddies!

Our packaging

Unfortunately we cannot go into too much detail, why? Because we're good what what we do and we want to keep it that way. The only thing we can disclose is that all our products (excluding the Contactless Infusion X5) are dispatched in normal envelopes, but with a twist. :)

Issues in transit.

No issues since we're in business, like we explained we have our own method in how to pack our products and not looking suspicious, we've been doing this for years and thousands of dispatches we have received zero complaints. Nervertheless, if it gets lost in transit we'll dispatch another free of charge.

We dispatch everywhere.

That's right. Usually takes 2-5 days to arrive and is free of charge on purchases of ฿0.36 or over.

Below ฿0.36 purchases we charge to dispactch.
DHL & FeDex (2-5 days) - ฿0.06
Normal post (10-20 days) - ฿0.03

NOTE: Dispatch charges DO NOT apply to digital purchases (you will receive these by email).