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Buddies Balance Transfer

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We’re proud to present to you our balance transfers service.

What is the Buddies Balance Transfer?

Well, most intermediate carders know what balance transfers are but for you newbies I will explain. Due to more and more advanced security, most new carders find it difficult cashing out cards, PayPal accounts etc; this is why there are services called balance transfers. Let me give you heads up, not everyone can do untraceable balance transfers, so if you do look up online make sure you get the right people to do it…

Now, how does it work? Firstly you need to know what kind of balance transfer you need. Let’s say a banking balance transfer. We will need to know your bank details (see “What we need” to know what we will need to get the transfer done), and then we will charge you a percentage based on the balance you need. Example, you will need $8,000, we charge 10% so that’s $800 you need to pay us. I know what you’re thinking “I get them to pay the money into my account and then I will pay them”, nope, is not going to happen, as much as we would love to trust you this is the black market.

Please note the following:
-Most Balance Transfers will be completed within 24 hours after the commission been paid
-All balance transfers' commissions MUST be paid BEFORE commencing the balance transfer to you
-Commissions on balance transfers are paid with Bitcoin only
-We will need some info from you (see “What we need” tab)
-Transfers can be made from any country to any country
-Pricing can be found on the next tab "Pricing"
-PayPal and Google Wallet accounts must be no younger than 1 month old
-When you provide a name for Western Union and MoneyGram transfers make sure you have an ID matching.
-You will receive the MTCN for Western Union and reference number for MoneyGram
-Once the order has been placed it cannot be stopped
-This service is not included on our money back guaranteed
-No back tracking to you. We open dummy accounts to transfer the funds and then transferred to you

Bank Transfers $5,000 - $60,000 10% 24 hours
Western Union $6,000 - $8,500 11.5% 1-2 days
Google Wallet $5,000 - $9,000 10% 24 hours
MoneyGram $8,000 - $12,000 11.5% 2-3 days
PayPal $5,000 - $9,500 14% 24 hours

Bank Transfers Name, Bank Code (BIC or NBC), IBAN, Country and Reference (optional) 1 Month
Western Union Address of your nearest Western Union agent and a name matching your ID N/A
Google Wallet Email address or phone number used on your Google Wallet account 1 Month
MoneyGram Country and state/county and a name matching your ID N/A
PayPal Email address and reference (optional) 1 Month + 5 genuine transactions

To purchase balance transfers follow the instructions below:

First things first, be safe. You will need to contact us and to do so you will need an email address, no! Not your Gmail or Hotmail etc... Not for us really, that's for your own safety! Big co-operations use a word filter systems for every email received and sent, if they see anything that look suspicious you may be under investigation. We won't be affected but you will! Look for an email provider that is not well known or if you use TOR look for an email provider like Sigaint. Why am I telling you this? Well we want our customers to come back not to end up in jail! haha

Now to place an order:
1- Send us an email with your order details. Make sure you also include the balance transfer destination. See "What we need" tab to know what you will need to send us.
2- We will generate a Bitcoin wallet address for this transaction and we will let you know how much it needs to be paid to us.
3- Depending on your request we will take some time to send the balance. To know an approximate ETA see "PRICING" tab.
4- The balance will arrive in your account. Of course a feedback will be nice :)